ContinuousExcellence launches Mobile APP for blasting operations

ContinuousExcellence will be launching a new Mobile APP for blasting operations. This app has been developed due to demand stemming from the cost, efficiency and environment impact problems being experienced in mining industry. Blasting Support Tools APP will play a critical role at all stages of blasting operations This application enable mining personnel to collect data at mine site and do predictions based on collected data.

At ContinousExcellence we develop softwares and applications that can be used at all stages of mining lifecycle from blasting to data management, at site and backoffice, from minimizing cost to maximizing efficiency, from lowering environmental impacts to getting optimum output. We bring our service tools to our customers to help them save money and carry out efficient mining operations. said Amit Bhandari, Managing Director, ContinuousExcellence.

The new Blasting Support Tools mobile application will be available on iPhone, iPad and android devices. The APP will be available for download from Apple APP store and Google Playstore.

Morden mobility devices make it easier to collect data on site. This Mobile APP will enable Blast personnel to take input at mining site itself in real time and calculate different key parameters like fragment size, flyrock, air and ground vibrations etc. They can change explosive, stemming and other parameters to get optimum outcome with maximum efficiency and lowest impact on environment.

Also sometimes holes are drilled but then also there can be difference in the paper design and actual holes so then again changes can be made in design changing stemming etc. to get the desired result. Then blasting is done and actual data is recorded to save it for future use. Photographs and videos can also be saved. When mining personnel returns from site, he can sync this data to the web version of our application and export it as well to the desktop because mobile‟s local storage cannot save huge amount of data.

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