Managed Startup Support – Making Ideas Possible : The Chambu Story

Managed Startup Support – Making Ideas Possible : The Chambu Story Chambu is a Melbourne-based startup. They provide a unique system for warranty and expense management for individuals and companies. Chambu allows a person to capture the receipts for their personal items immediately after the sale. We look at the experience of Chambu to show how they are benefiting from engaging with ContinuousExcellence (CE). CE became their single point of contact for all their startup needs. This helped them go to market very quickly, with a superior product and in a cost effective manner.

Chambu enables clicking ,recording and retrieving the receipt or expense details.

    • Click : Enables a person to use Chambu mobile app to simply take a photo of their invoice immediately after their latest purchase or expense before it gets lost or thrown away


    • Record :Record the relevant product warranty information or expense category and details through the Chambu mobile app . The information is safely stored it on Chambu’s cloud server.


  • Retrieve : Instantly retrieve the invoice to claim your warranty if product is broken or lost and expenses summaries with invoice copies for easy expense reimbursement claims.

Idea and the need : Chambu Founder Sid would regularly not find receipts for electronic goods or find his travel expenses missing. This would result in him not being able to claim warranty or missing out on travel expenses reimbursement. He realized this was a common problem faced by many people and could be addressed through a appropriate and simple solution. He and other co-founders needed a team to quickly turn this idea to reality.They felt they needed an entire solution not just a technology development
CHAMBU (being a self funded startup) had a strictly limited budget for the solution development.

    • They had a conversation with a couple of development firms in Melbourne but realized that they were very technical, expensive and felt not really suitable for a startup.


    • They also reached out to a couple of companies via elance but were not satisfied with the response that they got. They also did not feel comfortable not being able to talk to someone in person.


  • An affordable part-time solution or contractors could be found but work schedules had to be tailored around their availability – not according to business priorities Sid wanted the initiative to be available to the market as quickly as possible.

Overall, CHAMBU was missing the flexibility and agility required for a startup team

Solution : After an initial consultation between Chambu team and ContinuousExcellence, the following actions were taken in order to achieve an effective solution: ContinuousExcellence reviewed the key aspects of the desired solution and recommended engaging a startup experiencedteam from ContinuousExcellence’s own offshore development centre for Chambu
They also assigned a Melbourne based IT architect on a strictly part time basis to ensure the solution was scalable and that the technology selected was correct.
Continuous Excellence designer quickly created a logo and brochure for Chambu. This freed up Chambu founders to concentrate on business strategy and growth aspects.
The development team came up with the requirements, business process and exception flows. A timelines was agreed upfront.
Regular conversations were organized via Skype with the offshore development team. The development was done in an Agile format to enable regular feedback

Outcomes : With this experienced, flexible and cost effective team on board, Chambu was able to achieve the outcomes in a very short timeframe.

CHAMBU has come up with strong logo and branding, creating a consistent presence across all forms (web, iPhone/iPad and Android Apps).

The time to market was very quick – All the three developments were completed in three months (iPhone, Android and a website).

The solution catered for all the business process and exceptions desired by the founders.

The solution has been developed in a cost effective manner suitable to Chambu’s budgets.

The ContinuousExcellence team has been flexible to pivot based on changing solution requirements (as you would see in a startup).

Client Testimonial –

Siddarth Kawar, Co-Founder, Chambu :ContinuousExcellence made our startup idea possible in a short time frame. We had a great idea and needed a team to make our idea possible. ContinuousExcellence understood our startup needs and were able to provide us with startup experienced team in a very quick time span. They helped in the business process and concept development, technology development (iphone and android). They got us a very good outcome quickly, flexibly and in a cost effective manner.


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