Mobile and web-based GIS application

Mobile and web-based GIS application extends GIS beyond the office and allows organizations to make accurate, real-time business decisions and collaborate in both field and office environments. 

Business Benefits:

  • Spatial planning
  • Assets, utilities and resource management and maintenance
  • Fleet Management
  • Integration with drones’ data.
  • Surveying of location wise services – population
  • GIS-based information system
  • GIS-based analytic tools
  • Safety and Security Management
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Environmental Monitoring

Technical Capabilities:

  • View spatial and raster data in different formats.
  • Access to vector and raster formats
  • Ability to create and view shapefiles.
  • Support for visualizing and editing OpenStreetMap data
  • Saving screenshots as georeferenced images.
  • Access to remote services: OGC (WMS, WFS, WCS, WFS-T, WPS), ArcIMS, Ecwp.
  • Publishing: Map Server’s WCS, WMS, and WFS, GeoServer’s WFS.
  • Point Data Analysis
  • Visualization: 3D surfaces, Histogram presentation, Map overlay etc.
  • Map creation: Image maps, Postscript maps, HTML maps

Utillix simplifies utility identification and recording by converting and consolidating your project’s GIS maps into single-source-of-truth underground utility plans. Mapped onto Google Maps – Utillix provides 2D & 3D color-coded utility identification and other worksite documentation, accessible onsite via workers’ personal devices.


  1. The solution enables subsurface utility engineers to create accurate, reliable, up-to-date underground maps.
  2. Onsite recording and mapping give all providers/ workers/crew visibility of utility status in real time.
  3.  Onsite information and document access.

MineExcellence is mining industry-based software technology company, It offers cloud-based Enterprise Platform for Blasting operations. The solution helps in designing, optimizing and analyzing how blasts are performing.

Since mining is inherently spatial, requiring accurate knowledge of areas of the earth’s surface and subsurface, geospatial technology is best suited to intelligently oversee all phases of the mine operation.


  • Integration with Drone data
  • Blast designing on geo maps
  • Environmental compliance on geographical system
  • Blast history on geographical maps
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