Realizing business value through Big Data Analytics offerings from ContinuousExcellence.

Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of different data types, or big data, in an effort to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information.

What is Big Data :Big Data refers to large chunks of electronic data that is continuously being generated, shared and consumed in today’s automated factory and/or digital environment. Easy access to the internet, digitized business operations, the availability of affordable personal digital devices, and the emergence of the cloud have all contributed to this explosion of data, which is definitely beyond the scope of conventional database management software and tools.

Why is Big Data Analytics Relevant? : Given the right set of resources it is possible to analyze business data to gain valuable business insights that can help boost profitability, productivity and transparency across any organization. Availability of accurate data can also help automate specific functions as well as aid the decision making process in general. The ability to process big data and use the results to drive business operations definitely offers a competitive edge over other companies working in the same domain, as it becomes easier to spot industry specific trends or patterns earlier and plan a suitable course of action in a timely manner. Big data, especially in scientific research, mining, healthcare, climate and environment studies and other fields that generate high volumes of data every instant, is extremely valuable when aptly studied and used.
How can ContinuousExcellence (CE) help?There are many ways in which CE can help through your Big Data Analytics journey.

Existing Platform : We have an existing platform which is based on SOA framework. Our platform is based on Hadoop and will be capable of Data analytics based on data captured from machines, sensor data, GPS etc.

Data fusion and integration : Now-a-days, online reviews /social media feedback are critical for any company. This enables them to improve the field where they have been rated low. ContinuousExcellence can aggregate the reviews from social sources at one place to enable analysis

Sentiment Analysis : This is a technique to identify and extract human sentiments from comments on social media etc. It is very useful to analyze the comments/reviews to better understand customer feedback. This analysis can help an organization to better understand positive and negative points. ContinuousExcellence can help you with this analysis.
Case Study : How BDA Can Benefit Mining Companies?
Mining operations are quite data-intensive with every phase along the value chain churning out a constant stream of data of diverse types. The technological capability to acquire live data from the mines, organize and analyze it (aka Big Data Analytics) enables mining companies to optimize the productivity of resources on the ground. Geographic and geospatial parameters, environmental factors, equipment and maintenance, automated operations, process control and logistics are but a few pools of mining data, which when harnessed and studied intelligently can prove quite beneficial.

ContinuousExcellence has significant intellectual capital in Specialized Mining Industry Software. Blast Information Management System (BIMS) is a complete solution for all aspects of blasting operations. It provides the capability to store, manage, retrieve and analyze drill and blast related information including ability to directly capture data, video, photographs and vibration records. It also has a data analytics module that can result in production efficiencies such as reduction in the usage of explosives and more efficient blasts.

ContinuousExcellence now have an offering for Big Data Analytics in the Mining Industry.

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